[Uncensored Leak] ROE-211 Saki Oishi was lured by the lustrous body of her mother-in-law, who aspires to be an underwear model... A week in which she drowned in her instincts over and over again.

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Since this spring, the three of us have been living together with my stepmother, Saki, because my stepfather has been cheating on me. A few days later, her mother-in-law informed me that she had applied for a job as a model for an apparel brand and had been hired because she wanted to work again. Both my wife and I were happy, but when we heard more about her story, it seemed like she was working as an underwear model. My serious wife is completely against it, and my mother-in-law and I can't say anything back to her strong-willed wife. Her mother-in-law can't seem to give up