GIGL-727 I was an unpopular youth who was obsessed with baseball at an all-boys school, but when I became the coach of a youth baseball team...I ignored my husband and children and fell in love with my young, toned body like a maiden (heart) and took care of it. Vol. 9: I fell into an affair with my neighbor due to the age difference between the moms who grilled me.

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●He was a boy with a shaved head during his school days, and spent his youth immersed in baseball without ever holding hands with girls. Recently, however, he started coaching a youth baseball team at the request of a senior in his hometown, and the older mothers started making fun of him. Ms. Kyono brought it to her husband to ask for a jacket that he doesn't wear. Mr. Toyonaga came over with a gift after taking a break from practice due to illness. he comes to my apartment