APNS-303 I Will Continue To Be Impregnated And Seeded By My Classmate Withdrawal And Her Family... Yes, Everyday From Now On... Manatsu Misaki

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Manatsu, a female student, visits the house of Masao, a classmate who is a shut-in. It was an errand requested by her homeroom teacher to deliver her prints. Manatsu, an honor student, accepts the offer and arrives at Masao's house. But when I press the intercom, no one answers. When Masao is about to leave, Masao's father, Oki, appears and calls his son a ``poor kid.'' Manatsu, angered by her words, ignores her restraints and enters Masao's room. Then, as soon as Masao saw Manatsu, he forcibly laid her down... [*Please note that there may be some disturbance in the image or sound, but this is not a defect in the product itself.]